Thursday, 8 July 2010

e-campaign update, Thurs 8 July 2010

After just the first 5 days,
more than 17,000 people have heard the Gospel!

From the team:

After our first school today, many of us felt that that we needed to pray more! More liberty was needed in our preaching. We spent the time travelling in the car to the next school in prayer. We cried out to Him to work! God answered. We all felt a wonderful difference and great liberty! All gave reports that their preaching time and the response was great!

This picture of Ron is just after he preached at a highschool - 28 heard and 27 received! He was thrilled and said 'Am I feeling good? Oh yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!' the joy that the Gospel brings! :) Now, let's pray for the one!

Thursday, 8 July 2010
Preaching Opportunities:      84
Persons Who Heard the Gospel:  4390
Persons Who Made Decisions:  2745

Students and faculty members who hear the Gospel are welcomed to fill out Response cards!
Some comments from those collected today:
"Reid, I made the decision to trust Jesus Christ as my Savior and be with him in heaven. I don't have any doubt. I have now 100% faith in God. Thanks to him and you who let me realized and decide intelligently or should I say correctly. Thank you." (Liezel E. Jumaoas)

"I decided to trust in the God. I decided to enter Him in my life. I know Jesus loves me and I know He save me." (Ana Veronica S. Arcos)
"Now in this day I made a decision that I"ll trust Jesus with all my heart and I'll trust Him that He will save me." (Noslyn Ann)

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  1. I love the banner!! Thanks for keeping us updated so that we can Praise God for all He is doing! He is answering our prayers! Praise Him!

    J & S


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