Monday, 5 July 2010

e-campaign update, Mon 5 July 2010

Week 1, Island of Leyte

Monday, 5 July 2010
Preaching opportunities:      94
Number who heard the gospel:  3,635
Number who responded in a decision:  2,271

God gave the teams a great first day on the campuses!  Everyone had the opprortunity to proclaim the Gospel in the classrooms in the 94 preaching opportunities today!  Reid preached the Gospel in classrooms 11 times in one day!

There was opposition... P Randy mentioned...
" . . . he was preaching in a classroom and it was the hardest group he had faced in the campaign. The students inside were noisy and there were students standing outside the room talking to those inside the room. It was very hard. He was battling right up until the decision, then, just as he was about to give the invitation all of the students from outside left and the non serious ones from inside left, leaving just about 20 who were serious about listening. He said the whole atmosphere changed and the place became peaceful. He was then able to proceed with a successful invitation and had a wonderful time talking with them afterwards."
Reid, PM, and Linda ...

" . . . all gave testimony that the invitation was the time of attack. Cell phones going off, a perfectly quiet preaching atmosphere was interrupted by a marching band passing by at the time of invitation!"
God clearly gave the victory!

Pictures: (1) PM preaching just befre the  michrophone went out completely. 
(2) Tracts and decision cards used in the campaign

 More pictures tomorrow!

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