Friday, 9 July 2010

e-campaign update, Fri 9 July 2010

Directly From the Team:

Wrong Turn - Right School

Today Ate Joy's team travelled on ahead of the other two teams to reach some schools further south. After driving for quite some time, they were having difficulty finding the school. After stopping and unloading from the car, they approached what they thought was the right school only to find that they were actually at an RC school, not a government school! Ate Joy asked since they were already there, could they please address the students? The response? Yes! Matthew got to preach the gospel to 500 students at an RC school - a rare opportunity, but actually the second open door at an RC school in this campaign so far. Praise God!
Today the teams evangelized through Room to Room and Mass evangelism in colleges and high schools within about an hour's drive of Sogod.

above: Ron (USA) preaching at Mass Evangelism organized by an
SMCI student leader
below: Karina (Scotland) giving the Gospel room to room

"Tonight we are sleeping in Sogod -
2 nights in a row in the same place - whew! :)
Some are starting to get tired."

P Randy proudly wore his Philippine Islands T-shirt today that he received as a gift for preaching last Sunday. He spent the whole day pointing out on it where we were as we traveled :)

Friday, 9 July 2010
Preaching Opportunities:  83
Persons who heard the Gospel: 5493
Persons who made decisions:  3201

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