Thursday, 1 July 2010

e-campaign Update 1st July 2010

Here we go! Just hours till we begin!

This is the first update:

The SMCI teams in the Philippines have been praying and seeking the LORD to open doors on campuses on 5 islands and He has been faithful!

The soul winners are beginning to make their way to Leyte, the first stop for the campaign where 39 new high schools have been opened to us along with new universities and colleges.

A team from Grand Junction, CO in the U.S. is in the air right now, others are making their way to Leyte by air and by sea.

PMike and the first team from Singapore--Elexson (Indonesia), Reid (USA), Kim (Ireland/Singapore), Pastor Mike (Singapore), Jeremy (USA),  and Markus (Singapore)-- are leaving tonight!

Please get on board as we ask the LORD for 70,000 souls to hear the the Gospel in just 6 weeks!

Prayer Focus For Today:  Please be in prayer for the 120 soul winners who will be joining the campaign, for the leaders of universities and schools to be willing to allow the soul winners to carry the Gospel to the classrooms and mass evangelistic meetings, for the local teams making preparation on each island and for good health and safety in travel for all.


  1. Linda McElhiney2 July 2010 at 11:25

    "I will definitely be praying and following on your blog! I can hardly wait to see what God will do this time! I am so excited about all the campus opportunities! Trust you all are doing well physically! Love you! (Matt's mom in Grand Junction!)"

  2. "We are praying for you all, it is awesome to see the Lord at work. "

  3. Lea Bernandino2 July 2010 at 14:18

    "we are hardily praying for the Team....Trust in the Lord with all our hearts that this will be no hindrances to share and accept the GOSPEL to the land of the"

  4. "Dear Sister Lisa, keeping the team and you in prayer. Thanks for the constant update :)"

  5. "So exciting!!! Wish I could be on the team too but will be praying and looking forward to the updates :)"

  6. "Thank God! It's gonna be an exciting 6 weeks for God's kingdom! See you guys in Bohol!"


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