Saturday, 17 July 2010

e-campaign prayer requests

We all have heard Pastor Mike say must live by our  own "9th Beatitude!"--which says...

Blessed are the flexible for they shall not be bent out of shape!

Well, all the plans have changed! There is much travel that goes on during the Campaign... please pray for safety. It's Typhoon Season --all the Super Cats (Ferries) are cancelled to Dumaguette for Saturday!

All the plans have changed again so please pray...
  • The next Singapore team (8)  comes in at 4 this morning...
  • Singapore Team 2 departs tomorrow...
  • The India team will stay in Cebu to minister in the churches...
  • The main team will rush to a bus in the a.m, then a barge, then another bus to try to make it to Dumaguette to minister in the churches
Please remember to pray for the massive follow-up process on Cebu and Leyte.
  • For the teams left behind
  • For new Bible Studies/Discipleship on the new campuses
  • For the binding of the enemy from spreading dissension and discouragement in the hearts of workers and new believers!
Next stop: Negros Oriental!

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  1. be praying!Lord Bless you all!


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