Thursday, 8 July 2010

e-campaign photos, Thurs 8 July 2010

So... this is cowboy evangelism's vehicle---or one of them anyway!
Imagine . . . travel for 2 hours like this, get out, preach talk and witness--see some people reject, some indifferent, some born again gloriously! Then, travel for 3 hours and do it again and again! Finally finished for the day-- drive 3 hours to the next location, sleep.  Rise and shine and do it all agian! It's great!
What a way to poor out your life!

(Above:  If I'm not wrong, I believe PM may be holding 2 of the 3 most important physical  tools of the Campaign--the Good News Tracts and the accounts book--just missing the Be Sure booklet! ;)
Praise God for Kim who is doing all the Admin and accounts this year!

Onward into another campus with more tools of the Campaign:
Salvation Tracts and the Be Sure Booklet!

below: Kim (Ireland/Philippines/Singapore)

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