Tuesday, 13 July 2010

e-campaign 2010 update, Tues 13 July

Week 2: The Cebu Team

We are now 7 nationalities, all with our citizenship in Heaven---
Filipinos, Indians, Indonesians, Americans--with folks from Scotland, Ireland, and Singapore--all working together in this great cause!

Today the teams were split into three groups. Some in Mandaue City High school, all in Danao for part of the day and some returning from Danao early to come back to another High School in Cebu City.

Just in from the Frontlines:
"Today some of our New Singaporean team and Indian team members got to preach! Henry has preached three times already! He gave testimony that he could definitely feel God's empowerment as he stood in front of one of the classes. They were loud and rowdy, but as soon as he began to speak God's Word, they were quiet and attentive....Every time a team member comes home with a story of faith, you can see that special glow on their faces!

Tomorrow, the Colorado team will fly out at 6:50am. They will be up ealry and leaving the hotel by 5:45am. They will be sadly missed. They have become part of our family and it will be strange without them. What a wonderful blessing and tremendous help they have been - not just helping our team, but being the team themselves! Truly sent by God to build His kingdom.

Tomorrow morning at 7:00am we will have a mass evangelism. Brother Timothy from India will preach the early morning session! We then have a one and a half hour teaching time at University of the Visayas. Jireh will take that extended opportunity to thoroughly present the gospel and have question and answer time. There are two other room to room opportunities tomorrow for the team and an immigration trip for five of us, as well as finding the best way to travel to Dumaguete this Saturday since the regular ferry trips have been cancelled."

Tuesday, 12 July 2010
Preaching Opportunities:      52
Persons Who Heard The Gospel:  2177
Persons Who Made Decisions:  1596

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  1. Praise God! Awesome God!What a rich Harvest reaped!May the Holy spirit continue His work...


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