Thursday, 22 July 2010

e-campaign 2010 update, Thurs 22 July

Thursday July 22, 2010
A Visit to NORSU!

President Hon. Henry A. Sojor Ph.D
Today, the President of Negros Oriental State University (9 campuses) asked to meet the team before they started ministry! In the course of the conversation he said:

" I am not really the president of this school, I am only the assistant because the Lord is the real president."

"Sharing Christ is good for the students spiritual growth. I'm expecting Bernard, SMCI NORSU President, to have a thousand members in the SMCI to accommodate the 20 thousand plus students from 9 campuses! By next month (after the campaign follow-up) he should have about 500 members. You may post a big picture of your organization and encourage the students to join you in sharing may put,
" If you want to go to heaven or have a better life . . . join us!"

-President Hon. Henry A. Sojor Ph.D

SMCI Negros Team with the Honorable Presdident Sojor!
We are so thankful to the LORD for opening relationships on campuses that enable us to preach the Gospel and make disciples who are disciple-makers! Thank God for President Sojor, for Bernard (SMCI Club President on campus), and for faculty advisor - Benjamin Valencia - SMCI ADVISER NORSU MAIN who said today," I will support the Student Movement for Christ Int'l until I die"- 

Preaching Opportunities: 73
People heard: 3402
Decisions made: 2316

Preaching Opportunities: 32
People Heard:  1213
Decisions made: 918

Total for Thursday July 22, 2010:
Preaching Opportunities: 105
People Heard:    4615
Decisions made: 3234


  1. Dr. Henry Sojor the very first President of the State University who sign his signature of approval for 20-30 minutes of room to room evangelism.

    Prof.Benjamin Valencia our very first SMCI adviser.

    Praise be to God for people who believes that Christ is the answer.

  2. Thank God for Dr. Sojor! Good to see the Lord continues to use him to open doors!


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