Thursday, 15 July 2010

e-campaign 2010 update, Thur 15 July

Day 14

All This In One Day
From Ven:

"In Don Gerlado High School a young boy approached me after the mass evangelism and said that he had bee praying for at least a year that God would bring someone to share the gospel in his school.

In University of the Visayas (UV) I was preaching the gospel to a large crowd and felt a definite leading and liberty from God to preach very seriously against sin. While preaching, an effeminate young man became very uncomfortable and pulled his long hair over his face, but right behind him another group of young men were so serious and made public decisions to trust Christ.

In Compstella High school (Danao) during room to room, a group of young girls cried during the invitation."

It's amazing what just one member of the team can experience and see God do in just one day. How powerful when we have a whole army.

Today we hit at least 6 schools. One team had left by 5am this morning. That's two very early mornings in a row and some late nights also. It's great to see how God gives strength.
Thursday, July 15 2010
Preaching Opportunities:     49
Persons Who Heard the Gospel: 2142
Persons Who Made Decisions: 1648

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