Monday, 26 July 2010

e-campaign 2010 Prayer Request, Monday, 26 July

A Day of Rest And a Request....

What's Is The E-Campaign Like?  Crammed in a Jeepney, van or Pedicab for hours--knee to knee with people you hardly know , sweltering heat, unfinished roads, floods, thwarted at the last minute by the enemy, things you didn't bring with you living in your suitcase, up at 4 a.m. to travel, making embarrassing cultural mistakes, food that doesn't quite agree with your system, pretty much no privacy or personal time, students disrupting while others want desperately to listen and seeing thousands hear the Gospel for the very first time ...that's cowboy evangelism!

Today was a day of rest! For the newest arrivals it was a little rest before the storm! For those who have been along for the first 3 weeks it was a time to refresh, restore and rejoice! A time to take a breath, and think about just how great our God is and what great things he has done--and so importantly--wants to do!

Starting Tuesday, every single person you see in this video (except the jeepney driver ;) will be standing daily before crowds of 50 to 1000+ people proclaiming the Gospel several times a day--mostly to people who have never heard! It isn't a vacation, it isn't comfortable, it isn't easy.  They are "everyday" people from 7 countries around the world. They are students, teachers, IT professionals, orthodontists, secretaries, housewives, fulltime Christian workers from other fields--all here with one purpose--to humble themselves to be used by God to see the Great Commission accomplished!

Here is a request... We all have a part in the Great Commission! Some proclaim, some pray! It is exciting to think that if the many, many hits on this blog are from people who are participating in the Great Commission--not just interested observers or critiquers--we have an army on their knees out there! I hope you'll watch this sweet video (pictures captured by one of the India team members) and seeing the faces of the labourers that God has sent forth into the harvest field this week--PRAY! Please do your part, we have no need to be ashamed. ;)

Praising the LORD for you and making this request...

Help Us Win The Lost!

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  1. Really cool post! So grateful to be apart of His work here this week!!!

    J, S, & z


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