Thursday, 15 July 2010

e-campaign 2010 photos, Thurs 15 July

Day 14, Cebu

below: Kim and Timothy at a campus. We often stop for a moment and delight in how wonderful it is that God has brought us all together to serve.

below:  Our team with some of the faculty from Carmen Christian School. This is a wonderful ministry. A group of christians started a school with the purpose of sharing the truth with local people. 95% of the students enrolled are from RC families and receive regular bible input at the school. They gave testimony that many of the parents have heard and accepted the gospel message. It was great to partner with these people today. We made plans with the principal to start Bible studies and were invited back to continue the Lord's work.

below: A sweet, simple decision slip collected from Carmen Christian School from one of Timothy's classes

above: some boys laughing and talking with the team!

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