Thursday, 15 July 2010

FAQ #1 Does The Fruit Remain? (Testimony)

FAQ #1: Does the fruit remain?

Consider This Testimony That Came In Today From Kim:

"This is Adel (left) and her sister.

Today when we were at Carmen CTU, I vaguely remembered one of the auditoriums as being a venue for an evangelistic meeting a couple of years ago. Wondering if I was correct, I asked Adel, who has been working with SMCI,Cebu, if that was so.

She replied, "Yes Ate (sister) Kim! That is where I got saved two years ago! June 28th 2008."  She walked with me over to the exact spot where she sat, heard the life-giving Gospel, and gave her heart to Jesus. Only this time, she was not alone - her younger sis was by her side. She told me her story and added that last May she decided to travel back home leaving the message with her friends in Cebu, "I'm going to have my own evangelistic campaign." And so she did!

Within 48 hours of arriving home, 5 of her sisters had received the same life-giving Gospel - one of whom is in the picture. Adel gives testimony that she can still feel the same feeling that she did on June 28th 2008 and even remembers that I played the flute that day.

I'm reminded that though sometimes all we see is a sea of faces and find it hard to think of the individual, God never sees us as one of the crowd. In the midst of large numbers, God is working in individuals, and they have their own personal testimonies. "

Praise Him for fruit that remains

above: Adel's sis sharing the Gospel Room to Room today!


  1. Yeah right... In the midst of all those people listening the gospel, I know that the Lord is working in each heart. We might don't know them exactly but I am sure that the Lord will continue to work until completion.

    I missed everything about the Evangelistic campaign so much!!! How I wish I could join this year...But I know I can't!!! Be here SMCI praying for God's plenteous harvest...

    God bless!!!

    JOeyce Abunda

  2. I won't be joining the E-camp this year probably, as God puts me in the teaching field...somehow I am feeling a bit sad, but I know God puts me in the school with the same purpose---to be used by Him in reaching out the students and teachers alike to receive what i have received more than two years ago ---the gift of eternal life.

    Praise His name forever!.

    30 June 2011


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