Saturday, 31 July 2010

Saturday! ;)

End of 4th Week Yields Over 76k
Who Have Heard The Gospel!

It's Saturday night and there is a lot to write about... the Internet connection is a bit temperamental though and I think I will have to beg forgiveness till tomorrow after church! Plus... I flew all night last night with the 4th Singapore Team and then 2 ferry trips to totally SURPRISE PM this morning with a visit! Thanks all who helped keep it a secret--it was really fun to see everyone today and I am really praising the LORD for the opportunity to be here for the next 7 days.

It was farewell for now to part of  the 3rd Singapore team, Eric heading back to PA, the Java team and Beverly and LH moving onto Bohol , ... and I can't wait to start hearing their testimonies of God's amazing empowerment as they were here!

More tomorrow...

  • arrival of 4th Singapore Team

  • recap of week 4

  • lots of great pics

  • FAQ #5 "Is it all just easy believe-ism?"

Friday, 30 July 2010

e-campaign 2010 photos, Friday 30 July

Taking It Outside!

Friday was a GREAT day in the work!
Watch a slide show of all of Friday's Photos at

And Another Farewell For Now...

It's Just Farewell For Now To The Wonderful India Team!

From Timothy (centre)

"We are leaving the SMCI team tomorrow... it has really been great and I must say we enjoyed every moment of it. What's more, we even learnt a lot about leadership and stuff. "

We will miss the Sunil, Timothy, and Alyson when they go home to Bangalore, India! It has been great to have them with us.  This is the first "India Team" we have ever had and hope to have many more in the future.  These three men are Christians who are business men.  They are actively engaged in fulfulling the Great Commission at home and now in a foreign land! Praise the LORD for them and may many more follow!

Thursday, 29 July 2010

Prayer Request

We are asking the LORD to give the newest teams His burden for the lost around them... a deep Christ given burden for the perishing which includes an urgency! 
Please join us in prayer.

Wednesday, 28 July 2010

e-campaign 2010 update, Wed 28 July

Thanks LORD for another great day!

Please have a look at the Slide Show on the right to see some pictures from today!

Wednesday, 28 July 2010
Preaching Opportunities:  88
Persons Who Heard The Gospel:  4,066
Persons Who Made Decisions:  2,911

Farewell For Now Karina (Scotland)

Farewell for now Karina--
you are already missed!

Karina came to us from Scotland by way of Ireland on July 6th!  She came on her own as the LORD had led her! This was her first campaign! 

24 times she declared the Gospel to classrooms full of students during the 20 days she was with us--most of whom had never heard!

920 people heard the message of the saving grace of Jesus Christ because Karina obeyed the Great Commission when the LORD provided an opportunity for her to go...

675 of them made some sort of decision providing contacts for follow-up and further Bible Study on three of different islands in the Philippines. One amazing thing is that the Leyte team has been inundated with text messages requesting follow-up! How exciting.

We praise the LORD for sending Karina, for using her to reach the unreached and to encourage the brethren, and for allowing us to know her... we look forward to the future asking that He will allow us to do it again--and longer!

Lord Bless Karina! See you soon!

FAQ #4 What Is Done For Those Who Make Decisions?

Is There Any Follow-Up?

A Question From Christine, Brooklyn, NY...
"Wonderful to hear of how the Lord is working...just a question, though, what is done for those who have made decisions for the Lord? Are there continuing Bible studies?"

Absolutely! While the Campaign takes just 6 weeks--
the follow-up takes the entire next year and more!

Student Movement For Christ Int’l  (SMCI) is an organization that Mike Redick has directed for almost 10 years. It was born out of our church in Singapore and the heart of one Filipina with a great burden for her country! Since that first evangelistic campaign in 2002, it has grown to 70 full time staff members (missionaries) stationed on 5, now 6 islands—with over 100 part time workers and many student volunteers!

We are registered with the Philippine gov’t and legally recognized on University Campuses so we have clubs on Campus sponsored by student converts and faculty converts!

Off campus we have many rented centres where we hold Bible studies, Truth Seekers Nights, etc.

We work with local like minded churches or start our own if there is not one—these are pastored by our converts who have been trained, mentored, and disciple through the ministry.

Every year we take 100-200 of the faithful new converts and send them for 4 weeks of training—Bible Institute type where we teach them the Spirit Filled Life, Netcasters, and Basic Doctrines! They will continue this for 4 years and if they finish the course will receive a diploma from our Bible Institute!

Each decisions that is counted is counted from a decision slip that is collected.

PM following up with those who made decisions at a
Gospel Night last week. 
The teams follow up for next year with the vision to confirm their salvation and become disciple makers too! Fulltime workers are out winning souls and discipling just about every day of the year!

Tuesday, 27 July 2010

e-campaign 2010 update, Tuesday 27 July

"God . . . giveth us the victory
through our LORD Jesus Christ."
1 Cor 15:57

On the road at 6 a.m. this morning. It took 4 big vehicles to carry the gang--had to rent one more at the last minute! It was more than a 4 hour drive all north through the mountains and villages. Drive awhile to the appointed school, preach and teach, pray and ask God to love the souls through us this day--and on again!  That's the way it went... all the way to San Carlos!

"It was a great day!!!!!! God gave us all the energy we needed. He gave us safety. Perfect weather - cool and damp but not really raining - good because not all the vehicles have air-conditioning....favor with authorities and many souls." From Kim

In the end . . .

Tuesday, 27 July 2010
Preaching Opportunities:                134
Persons Who Heard The Gospel:  8182
Persons Who Made Decisions:     4809

Monday, 26 July 2010

e-campaign 2010 Prayer Request, Monday, 26 July

A Day of Rest And a Request....

What's Is The E-Campaign Like?  Crammed in a Jeepney, van or Pedicab for hours--knee to knee with people you hardly know , sweltering heat, unfinished roads, floods, thwarted at the last minute by the enemy, things you didn't bring with you living in your suitcase, up at 4 a.m. to travel, making embarrassing cultural mistakes, food that doesn't quite agree with your system, pretty much no privacy or personal time, students disrupting while others want desperately to listen and seeing thousands hear the Gospel for the very first time ...that's cowboy evangelism!

Today was a day of rest! For the newest arrivals it was a little rest before the storm! For those who have been along for the first 3 weeks it was a time to refresh, restore and rejoice! A time to take a breath, and think about just how great our God is and what great things he has done--and so importantly--wants to do!

Starting Tuesday, every single person you see in this video (except the jeepney driver ;) will be standing daily before crowds of 50 to 1000+ people proclaiming the Gospel several times a day--mostly to people who have never heard! It isn't a vacation, it isn't comfortable, it isn't easy.  They are "everyday" people from 7 countries around the world. They are students, teachers, IT professionals, orthodontists, secretaries, housewives, fulltime Christian workers from other fields--all here with one purpose--to humble themselves to be used by God to see the Great Commission accomplished!

Here is a request... We all have a part in the Great Commission! Some proclaim, some pray! It is exciting to think that if the many, many hits on this blog are from people who are participating in the Great Commission--not just interested observers or critiquers--we have an army on their knees out there! I hope you'll watch this sweet video (pictures captured by one of the India team members) and seeing the faces of the labourers that God has sent forth into the harvest field this week--PRAY! Please do your part, we have no need to be ashamed. ;)

Praising the LORD for you and making this request...

Help Us Win The Lost!

Saturday, 24 July 2010

FAQ #3 Does The Fruit Remain?

Mike Redick
SMCI International Director
Does The Fruit Remain?

From: Mike Redick
SMCI International Director

"I am often asked about the amazing results of the evangelism we do in the Philippines, "does the fruit remain?" Well, here is a wonderful testimony of God's amazing grace and remaining fruit.

In July 29, 2002, I was on the Island of Negros holding our first annual Gospel campaign in the city of Dumaguete. We had been preaching the Gospel in the classrooms of a certain university all day long. In the evenings we would rent the student center and invite the student body to an evening Gospel service. On this particular night I had preached the gospel and given the invitation.  About 30 people responded and came forward. I dealt with each of them, got there contact information, gave them some followup material and sent them on there way.

One young man who responded to the Gospel that night was Ven Tabunda. Ven was a student leader on campus and was required by the university to host our Gospel team. As a result Ven heard me preach the Gospel four times during the day and again during the evening service-hearing the gospel for the fifth time in a single day! The Holy Spirit made the Gospel clear to Ven.  He responded and was wonderfully saved.

Overjoyed by the grace of God, Ven wasted no time and he began inviting his friends to our meetings and many of his classmates trusted the Lord. Within a few days he took the Gospel home to his committed Roman Catholic family. God opened their eyes and his whole family was saved. They began sharing the Gospel with there neighbors and relatives and many trusted the Lord. Eventually so many were born again that we formed a church in Ven's home town. Today that church is being pastored by Ven's father.

Ven Tebunda, SMCI Philippines National Director
Ven continued to grow in the Lord-never losing his zeal. Upon graduation from University feeling the Lord calling him to ministry he joined SMCI as a full time worker and was graduated from our 4 year ministry training course. He eventually became the leader of SMCI Bohol chapter and in 2009 he was appointed as SMCI Philippines National Director overseeing the ministry nationwide. We thank the Lord for abiding fruit. "

Mike Redick

Friday, 23 July 2010

3rd U.S. Team Arrives From Pennsylvania!

Welcome to the gang from Pennsylvania!

They hit the ground running!
Here they are talking with visitors at the Gospel Night!

Thursday, 22 July 2010

2nd U.S. Team Arrives, Thursday 22 July

Thursday July 22, 2010

Welcome Justin from Colorado!

e-campaign 2010 update, Thurs 22 July

Thursday July 22, 2010
A Visit to NORSU!

President Hon. Henry A. Sojor Ph.D
Today, the President of Negros Oriental State University (9 campuses) asked to meet the team before they started ministry! In the course of the conversation he said:

" I am not really the president of this school, I am only the assistant because the Lord is the real president."

"Sharing Christ is good for the students spiritual growth. I'm expecting Bernard, SMCI NORSU President, to have a thousand members in the SMCI to accommodate the 20 thousand plus students from 9 campuses! By next month (after the campaign follow-up) he should have about 500 members. You may post a big picture of your organization and encourage the students to join you in sharing may put,
" If you want to go to heaven or have a better life . . . join us!"

-President Hon. Henry A. Sojor Ph.D

SMCI Negros Team with the Honorable Presdident Sojor!
We are so thankful to the LORD for opening relationships on campuses that enable us to preach the Gospel and make disciples who are disciple-makers! Thank God for President Sojor, for Bernard (SMCI Club President on campus), and for faculty advisor - Benjamin Valencia - SMCI ADVISER NORSU MAIN who said today," I will support the Student Movement for Christ Int'l until I die"- 

Preaching Opportunities: 73
People heard: 3402
Decisions made: 2316

Preaching Opportunities: 32
People Heard:  1213
Decisions made: 918

Total for Thursday July 22, 2010:
Preaching Opportunities: 105
People Heard:    4615
Decisions made: 3234

Wednesday, 21 July 2010

e-campaign 2010 update, Wed 21 July

First of 3 Gospel Nights at NORSU!

Tonight we kicked off  3 days of Gospel Nights. Praise the Lord, students came pretty much on time and filtered into the hall. We had about 107 altogether--which was great as the team didn't visit this campus today! The whole night was organized by the SMCI Dumaguete core group.

Eric led the worship - which was great and Pastor Mitch preached a Gospel message which was preceded by a video clip prepared by SMCI asking the question 'Is the End of the World Near?'

P Mitch gave testimony afterwards that he really struggled at the beginning of his message and had even lost his place, but that he cried out to God to help him. Faith indeed is the victory! It was a victorious proclamation of the truth and we saw 25 people saved!

Wednesday, 21 July 2010
Preaching Opportunities:      32
Persons Who Heard The Gospel Today:  1306
Persons Who Made Decisions:    948
Preaching Opportunities:      51
Persons Who Heard The Gospel Today:  1781
Persons Who Made Decisions:  1032

left: Mechelle (Mitch) Peregrino was saved during the first SMCI Evangelistic Campaign in 2002! He and his wife Fily Joy now serve in GLCC Dumaguette Grow Point Church in Negros where Mitch is the pastor.

e-campaign 2010 photos, Wed 21 July

above: action songs to break the ice in Room to Room!

above and below: building relationships with students

below: Joan's (Singapore) first day

above: Beverly's (Singapore) first day! She's ready!
below: 107 people came out tonight for our first Gospel Night! It's our Gospel Nights that yield the richest lasting fruit. These students have chosen to take time out of their busy schedules and come. Tonight was a great turnout considering the team did not visit this campus today. We spent the day on other campuses. Our locals surely had been inviting ahead of time, but it was still obvious that God brought many.

above and below: PMitch preached the Gospel and at the invitation 25 students came forward to trust the LORD!

above: Karina (Scotland) and 2 SMCIans ;)