Tuesday, 29 June 2010

Are You In The Battle? Pt 2

Are You In The Battle? Pt 2
Don't Forget Who The Enemy Is!

I don’t know what it’s like in “your neck of the woods,” but I do know what it’s like here in Southeast Asia where we have been for more than 20 years. Here in this world, where I live and serve, we have had many occasions during which we have forgotten who the enemy is! Yeah, and it happens in a flash-guns blazing, focus diverted, target acquired! Bang!

How does it happen? Let me draw a hypothetical picture. The first time someone hurts your feelings by taking credit for your work-or perhaps misrepresents you to another turning your reputation into sushi, or when a new convert decides he wants to go to a different church right after he is baptized—that’s when it happens. Our scopes go up and wham! In a flash we have targeted the "enemy." We begin to doubt their motives. Criticize their actions-good and bad. Belittle them to our peers. Blame them for our failures. And we begin to focus our efforts on defeating them or even discrediting them by our words, attitudes or actions.

Of course, all this goes on while in the background, the real enemy—the flesh... the devil… and the world-- is then set free to work unhindered, unfettered and even unnoticed. Yes, we forget who the enemy is. And then somehow we move ourselves right out of the battle.

Have you forgotten who the enemy is? Perhaps you not only have forgotten who the enemy is, but have forgotten we even have an enemy? We have an enemy whose names speak of his character- Adversary. Liar. Accuser. Deceiver. He distracts us. And right now, in this world, it seems distraction is one of his greatest weapons.

"For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places."
Eph 6:12 
The enemy is not another worker, not members of another religion, and certainly not my husband! Distraction focused on the shortcomings or failures of others is just a tool that can be used by the enemy to distract, discourage, and sidetrack us in God’s mission! So today--and every day, I want to purpose in my heart NOT forget who the enemy is and let’s all stay in the battle with our sights set on the goal--the right target! 

Won't you join me?

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  1. Dear Lisa,
    Thanks for the article. I was just thinking the other day... We have had so many things go wrong at our house. With our three vehicles - two dead one sick, tests for Rachel at her new place of work. Randy just plain tired and stressed and me very self focused because of the happenings around our house and in the church... then all of the sudden it was like the Lord said "Wake up Carrie you need to be praying about the Philippine ministry and your focus is all out of wack." It is a battle and I am praying and will continue to pray that souls will be won.
    Love, Carrie


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