Saturday, 30 January 2010

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Asia Pacific News Report 29 January 2010

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Malaysia Charges 3 Over Church Attacks
Posted: 29 January 2010 1939 hrs

KUALA LUMPUR : Malaysia said Friday it has charged three men over a church firebombing, the first suspects to be indicted following a spate of attacks on places of worship that have escalated ethnic tension.

Deputy public prosecutor Anselm Charles Fernandis told AFP charges were filed against three dispatch riders for setting alight the Metro Tabernacle Church in a southern suburb of Kuala Lumpur on January 8.

"The three have been charged with causing mischief by fire by burning the building in which the church was located and all three pleaded not guilty," he said.

The men -- named as Azuwan Shah Ahmad and brothers Raja Mohamad Faizal Raja Ibrahim and Raja Mohamad Idzham -- face up to 20 years in jail if convicted.

They are among 19 arrested over attacks on 11 churches, a mosque and two Muslim prayer halls.

Pig's heads -- considered unclean by Muslims -- were dumped at two mosques in the latest incident on Wednesday.

Religion and language are sensitive issues in multi-racial Malaysia, which experienced deadly race riots in 1969.
Places of worship have been hit with Molotov cocktails, stones and paint following a December 31 court ruling that overturned a ban on non-Muslims using the word "Allah" to mean "God".

The government argues that the use of the disputed word by Christians, who make up nine percent of the population, could cause confusion and encourage religious conversion, which is illegal for Malaysian Muslims.

The row over the use of "Allah" is among a string of religious disputes that have erupted in recent years, straining relations between Malays and minorities who fear the country is being "Islamised".
The population is 60 percent Muslim Malay but includes indigenous tribes and large ethnic Chinese and Indian communities practising Buddhism, Christianity, Hinduism and a number of other religions.

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Friday, 29 January 2010

Please Take This Reality Check!

A plea for prayer sent from our partner in Myanmar.
We are sending it in its entirety.
Please read this and do join us to pray.
                       M & L

Dear Prayer partners in the lord,

I first of all would like to greet you all in His name.

I have a very urgent prayer request,that is, about our missionary

Winbo. God gave a privilege of winning lost souls to our missionary

Winbo and Five people were baptized based on their confession of Jesus

as lord and saviour on 24 of January 2010. At that night itself

unfortunately one of the ladies out of five was beaten by her husband

because of taking water baptism.Again on 26 night our missionary Winbo

phoned me saying another lady out of the five was beaten by her

relatives. Her husband did not say any thing. She came running to our

missionary Winbo .Her body was full of blood because of being beaten

because of believing in the lord Jesus Christ.These new believers

along with the pastor need our prayer support. They fear. They

tremble. they are treatened saying ,no worshipping in the house.If you

worship,We will report you to higher authority.Let us pray for our

missionary Winbo' family, new believers that they might be given

boldness to stand boldly for the lord. It is very precious that these

believers are beaten for the lord's sake. I strongly urge you to bow

down your head before God for these persecuted church of Daduhphio

tawn.May God bless you all

Wishing you every blessing from the lord

In Him,


Thursday, 28 January 2010

Will You Pray For Haiti?

"Sometimes I fear the callousness of my heart must be revolting to my LORD... many disasters, so many heartaches, so much cruelty! "

With the news broadcasts, podcasts, live messaging, facebook pushes on my phone, tweets from twitter and tumblr status updates--and every other media or social network you may be connected to--I fear sometimes all the devastation, heartache and sorrow gets lost in the rush of info and we are interested in the informing of it all, but not the transforming of it all that will take place as we, God's people, pray and act as He leads us.

So...  I just wanted to remind myself and anyone else listening or reading... let's be praying that God will use this for His purposes and use us too.

Remembering It's All About Jesus Who Died For the Haitians,
lisa ;)

Ways To Pray For Those in Disaster
(Compliled from several suggestions)

1. Pray that this disaster would not be wasted, that it would be used to point many to the Saviour. 

2.  Pray for those in need of rescue asking the LORD to send it swiftly.

There are many who are in need of miracles. That teams would arrive an hour sooner, that dogs would catch a faint scent amidst the stench of death, that the right piece of concrete would be moved. For all the training and effort that the courageous rescue teams put in, at this point they need miracles more than anything else.

3. Pray for the rescuers – safety, rest, encouragement, in the midst of horror and unrelenting pain.

The job that the rescue teams face is completely overwhelming and they will fail many more times than they will succeed. Rescue teams suffer great personal trauma and often become suicidal months after an event. Pray for these courageous men and women now and after they return.

4. Pray for families that have witnessed the unthinkable, are worried about loved ones, and fearful for their own safety.

For every person who is missing, dead or severely injured in the quake there are ten more who care about them and find themselves unable to do anything about it. Pray that emotional needs would receive attention amidst all of the physical needs.

5. Pray for children who need comfort and safety, hugs and reassurance – even if they are physically “fine.”

Children are the most vulnerable amidst the aftermath of a disaster. Every child whose world has been disrupted, seen the death of another person or lost friends or family is in need of emotional care, even if they have not suffered physical harm themselves.

6. Pray for governments and authorities that all red tape would dissappear and corruption would cease.

Haiti has been the poorest nation in the Western hemisphere for a long time and there are many problems that were there before the earthquake. While the attention of the world is on Haiti, it is time for governments and authorities within Haiti to act for the good of the people and not to promote their political agenda or to line their own pockets.

7. Pray for relief agencies and groups bringing the Gospel, asking the LORD to give wisdom and compassion to make a lasting difference in Haiti.

The earthquake is a great opportunity for aid agencies working in Haiti to make forward progress in a nation where things have only steadily gotten worse. But long lasting change will come through courageous and wise decisions that deal with the source of problems.

8. Pray for the brethren  around you that they would respond not just with what they can do, but with their hearts.

The temptation that we all have is to give a small donation at a time of disaster and call it the best that we can do. We all have many reasons why we cannot do more or give more. Pray that hearts would be moved and that we all would be truly generous. For those of us using social media like Facebook or Twitter, this means that we should get involved, make connections and let it be personal.

9. Pray for yourself asking the LORD to give you a heart of compassion – start now and it will grow.

A true heart of compassion is not just ready to go or give when the need arises like it has now in Haiti. A true heart of compassion seeks out ways to be like Christ even when no one else notices that there is suffering. People have been suffering without Christ and in poverty for a very long time. A true heart of compassion rooted in Christ will allow itself to continue caring long after the world has lost interest.

Wednesday, 6 January 2010

While You Are Going, God Is At Work!

Reflecting on the series of posts on our missions website entitled, Hidrances to Missions In Asia, I kept thinking the answers to these hindrances must be in really understanding and applying the Great Commission. I kept thinking of the phrase ... while you are going... while you are going... while you are going! It all starts there.

I wondered if one of the biggest hindrances to missions and why many Christians are hampered is the misguided foundational thinking about who should go and really what actually is "going"?!

Is "teaching, baptizing, and discipling" in the way we were commissioned a vocation of some sort with a decision necessary: to join or not to join?

Are we mistakenly thinking that we have participated satisfactorily in the Great Commission because we are giving money regularly? Does that kind of thinking keep some of us from sending our children or going ourselves to teach, baptize or disciple?

The verses say,
19 Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost: 20 Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and, lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the world. Amen.
The idea is while you are going... every Christian... every one of us!

I remember when God first started to work on M and me that the life we had planned for ourselves was not His idea! --but ours! and I tell you, we thought we had wonderful, great BIG plans-wrong! That was 25 years ago. At that time, in the midst of busy life, He opened our eyes and He showed us the plight of our friends and colleagues. We cried out to Him for them. We strategized in prayer, took steps of faith and saw many come to know Christ--all while we were going.

But it wasn't enough. We weren't satisfied. We saw new people moving into the Bay Area every day--they were strangers to us--we asked for them too. God gave us a creative way to go and meet the new families. And He gave some of them to us too--while we were going! All during this time we both worked very demanding fulltime jobs, carrying on varied responsibilities and trying to start a family.

It became a lifestye, one that God has used many, many times for His purposes. Being faithful to our commission is a wonderful privilege! We learned that we are to be about His work first, really first--not just in words, but in action. And while we were going, and willing, He thrust us out into Asia. I am so glad.

Please stop a minute today and think about what the LORD actually said. Maybe thinking about this will help us realize that we are all going somewhere all the time. Think about your today, and while you are going, open your eyes and ask the LORD what you can do this very day for the cause of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Let's put an end to some of the hindrances in the cause for Christ!