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The Attaching of the Lid

A New Beginning

Commissioning 8 Members of The J Team Sunday, 30 August 2009

News From Timothy House, Prey Nob

This is a note from Susan and Josh VanMeter who just joined the Java team after serving for 3 weeks in the Prey Nob Timothy House!  They did a great job and the LORD really used them.  We are excited to have them with us for the Java Work Launch next Monday!
My husband and I recently spent three weeks in Cambodia. It was our first trip to Asia, so we had no idea what to expect. We knew only that God had ordained for the door to open, so we surrendered and stepped out in faith. This was a big step for us, especially because we were married less than three months ago!

While in Cambodia we served under the supervision of missionaries, Noe and Grace Pulmones. We taught one week of VBS in the Prey Nob orphanage, then spent another week assisting the orphanage children as they reached their own people in a similar VBS at the Sihanoukville church. It was a joy to serve with these children. We were amazed at all that God has done in their lives - first saving them from the clutches of Buddhis…

"But They Are Just Rice-Christians!"

How many times have we heard that? I can’t tell you how many times I have! Someone will visit another work and perhaps they see that workers or converts are being paid or supported. Maybe they see that the impoverished unbelievers only seem to come if they can get something like food or money or clothing. Then the inevitable minimization occurs—“They have a lot of people but they are nothing but rice-christians!”

Recently a sweet young couple joined our work and served temporarity in one of the orphanages. They loved it – but when asked what struck them about the work it seemed to be the fact that they had learned people hadn’t come initially to the church to learn about Jesus – they had come for the lunch, for hope of a job, for freebies – “rice Christians!” They were appalled!

I began to think about it – rice Christians – frankly the term offends me--but probably not for the reasons you might imagine. It offends me because I think when we use it, it’s a lot like the pot calling the …

Persecution in Burma Tonight

Below is a copy of an email received just now!  Please take this to the throne in prayer for our Brothers and Sisters in Burma:

Greeting to you in His name.

I just want to let you know the urgent prayer request that we have.

We had been praying to God to be able to conduct the salvation campaign at least for 2 or 3 days at Khalohchaih village which is a new field. we always have many new observers and for them that we wanted to conduct salvation crusade. On 21 August 2009 we could conduct the whole day.On that day itself the problem started. On 22 August, we just went to start the meeting and after two hours the local leaders with three police came and disturbed us. we dismissed the people and could not continue. Very sorry for that. lost people were so eager to listen to God's word which can save them from eternal Hell. I don't know why God is allowing to happen so. we can not understand God's work. I know for sure it is with the knowledge of God. we are called by in the off…

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--Move On To Maturity-- In Burmese!

The first Burmese edition of Move On To Maturity, by Evangelist Mike Redick is out! ~  We praise the LORD that 5000 copies have already been distributed! Please pray that the LORD will use this book in the discipleship and encouragement of believers. ~ It is currently being translated into Bahasa Indonesia and the Java Team is looking forward to the day we can start handing them out! ~

Thanks Melody... ;)

How I Know God Still Answers Prayer!
By Melody Leow

These were sent in from Melody, one of team members on the SMCI Crusade. PMIke asked her to note down some of the amazing answers to prayer they experienced during the 5 week crusade... more coming!

The following are the prayers answered and miracles by our Almighty God:

Manila 11 July
-The weighing machine read 193kg and we were given 195kg in total as a group. Thank God we didn't need to pay a cent for the transport of all the "Be Sure" booklets.

Dumaguete 12-18 July
-The rain miracle in the NORSU, Bayawan Campus
- We prayed and God held back the rain for the ROTC students to hear the gospel
- The Bridge to Tanjay was repaired in 2 days miraculously in what would have normally taken 5 days
- The Ferry to Bohol was up for service again on Sunday afternoon so we would not have to take a long bus ride to Bohol

Bohol 19- 25 July
- On the way back from Candijay where we had a night film showing the tyre on our jeepny was punctured. T…

New Campus In Southern Leyte!

SMCI is expanding all over! It's exciting to see... one of the most amazing openings was the new campus of Southern Leyte University where thousands heard the Gospel probably for the first time.

The new converts will be gathered for discipleship in a new chapter of SMCI...

#23 SMCI Crusade

Tomorrow the team will be flying home to Singapore leaving the SMCI team to follow up the new converts!

Please pray for safe flights home, for the discipleship teams, for wisdom as we move on to whatever the LORD has in mind!

#22 SMCI Crusade: This Is The Final Day!

We rejoice and praise our great and wonderful LORD to know that almost 45,000 persons heard clearly the Gospel of Jesus Christ over the past 5 weeks on 5 different islands and many, many University and High School Campuses! We are humbled by God's power and blessing! Please don't stop praying!

Even more, we praise Him for the clear drawing of 29,838 of them to make salvation decisions!

And yet even more, we praise Him for the ongoing discipleship of 100's of students meeting on the 5 islands for follow-up! What a glorious LORD we have! PMike will preach on Sunday at Davao and then he and the Singapore team will fly home to Singapore on Monday!

Be watching the blog for details and testimonies. Other sites that record info about the crusade include our missions blogsite: where you can find a slide show of the crusade. A wonderful video chronicling the SMCI Ministry is in the works!

#21 SMCI Crusade! 40,000 Have Heard!

The team is in Davao! It was a great day with 1154 people hearing the Gospel--and 626 making decisions for Christ!

As of today, the LORD has allowed the team to

proclaim the GOSPEL to 40,724 people

with 28,204 making salvations

To God Be The Glory!

5 days left! Please pray through!

#20 SMCI Crusade Travel Day

Today was a travel day for the team... they spent last night on an "overnight ferry" and they a flight to the next and final island of this year's campaign!

Please remeber to pray for them as they try to see many come to understand the answer to life's most important question!

(thanks to Kim Cheong & Hwee Min for this great pic!)

Pakistan: Who\'s Attacking the Christians?

Click on the link and read this article from TIME magazine:

Pakistan: Who\'s Attacking the Christians?

#19 DAY 27, SMCI Crusade 2009

As of Day 27, Saturday, 8 August 2009

The LORD hs allowed the team the joy and honour of proclaiming the truth these past 27 days! Eight more days to go! So far...

38,967 persons have heard the Gospel
26,977 have made decisions

PMike is preaching on Leyte tomorrow, (in Pastor Sinon's former church!) In the afternoon they will take an all night ferry to Cebu and then all of them will fly to the last location... 8 days left!

This will be a time that they will need much prayer again for wisdom and protection.

#18 SMCI Campus Evangelism On Going! 7 New High Schools Reached Today on Leyte

Seven (7) brand new high schools on the island of Leyte! That's what the LORD gave the team today! How marvelous...

It was a really busy day and they are thanking the LORD for allowing them to preach the Gospel to almost the entire student population of 7 new high schools.

2818 people heard the Good News
2175 made decisions!

Follow Up News From Bohol Team:

"Thanks for praying! Tonight was so much better than last week! We had 74 people who came for the follow-up session and 5 came forward when Jovinelle preached! The drama team did an excellent job.! Keep praying!"

Remember Our Brethren in Burma...

An email from our dear partner in Burma yesterday reads:
Mike & Lisa,

The situation is not getting better. Everywhere we found
armies and witnessing no freedom at all. We have to be wise in handling the ministry. Price is coming up again.We are really pressed by the environment, situation, authorities. Prayer can change things.


Myanmar: A Closing Door?
Last month, the world learned that the miltary regime of Myanmar (Burma) has been secretly constructing a tunnel system with the assistance of North Korea. The tunnels, that are scattered throughout the country's interior, are designed to house missile systems, weapons production facilities, and combat personnel. Political experts estimate the project (article) to cost in the tens of billions of dollars.

Just a few days later, a North Korean freighter was seen headed for Myanmar that was suspected to have long range missiles in its cargo hold. After the UN issued a warning to North Korea that it would intercept and inspec…

#17 SMCI Campus Evangelistic Crusade 2009, Philippines

It was a great day for the team on Wednesday! Being a National Holiday in honor of a fallen hero, there was no school yesterday!

So the team looked for opportunities to do personal soul winning. Visayas National Univeristy had a carnival and so they headed there!

Thank God for the opportunity to share the Gospel with 227 persons and see 196 souls saved! Pray for them today... that the seed will remain!

#16 SMCI Campus Evangelistic Crusade 2009, Philippines

As of 4 August 2009...

So far:

32,653 persons have heard the GOSPEL!

22,422 persons have made decisions for CHRIST!


The team is on Leyte doing room to room evangelism on several campuses!

Today, 5 August was a public holiday so the team hit the streets soulwinning!

It seems all have recovered and are tired, but well! Thanks for praying!

I Was Wondering….

Why do you read this blog? I was just wondering. Is it just because you are curious? Or are you conscious of the fact that when you were born again, you were born into a battle? I hope it is because you have put on the armour, intentionally joined the fight, and are praying in faith believing God for the harvest and all this needed to accomplish the LORD's purpose and plan! The battle is a real one. It is for the souls of men and women, just like you. Please do remember to pray.

As you may know, PMike is winning thousands with the team in the Philippines. The LORD has opened what we believe to be the biggest door ever in all the doors He has opened. However, it is a dark place, a centre for black magic and demon worship. The way in was a clear answer to years of prayer!

I am just recovering from H1N1 and praise the LORD for allowing this for His purpose. On Friday night though, while Mike was in the Philippines and I was home in "practically crime-free Singapore", 4 men tr…

#15 SMCI Campus Evangelistic Crusade 2009, Philippines

Totals As of DAY 17, Sunday, 2 August 2009

30,263 persons have heard the Gospel!

20,776 have made decisions for Christ!

Blessed Are The Flexible For They Shall Not Be Bent Out Of Shape!

That's what Mike says anyway! "Blessed are the flexible for they shall not be bent out of shape!" It is part of the welcome speech he gives to all newcomers to the work! It is something we are reminded of every single day—it has to do with surrendering every plan, every expectation, every desire to the capable, caring hand of the Spirit of God. It's walking through every day believing His hand directs and guides as were are broken to the sound of His voice and not freaking out when the plans change! And today, they got to prove it again this morning!

Sunday in Cebu was to be just one preaching station and then off to church. Arrangements had been made that during the early morning training for a group of about 2000 ROTC students, the team would preach the Gospel. As you know, the team has been down with fever this past week and they are very tired after 3 weeks of preaching and teaching several times every day, travelling hours before and after ministry, and doing eve…

#14 SMCI Campus Evangelistic Crusade 2009, Philippines PRAYER REQUEST!

The team continues to see many souls saved...

But 2 more team members have come down with fever... please pray!

The Bohol Team