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Is Your Heart Burdened to Somehow Join Us?

During the past year something quite amazing has been happening...

It's difficult to explain, but I want to try... it seems the LORD is calling people specifically to join us (Mike and me and our team) in His plan for reaching the unreached of Asia. He seems to be touching people's hearts in specific ways to join in His work. Let me explain...

Several have resigned from previously successful ministries to join the team--even one moving his family half-way across the US with not much confirmed about the work except God's very clear calling. Some individuals have started to send funds for specific projects as the LORD burdened them. One church was deeply moved to send funds before a project even got started so that the day we committed to it, to our surprise the designated funds had already arrived! Amazing!

People in the states have felt led to assist in the upkeep and care of the orphans in 2 countries. A group of men has offered to build the 1034 meter security wall needed d…

A Look At Student Movement For Christ International, Philippine Chapter

The Lord's Messenger For This Week

Really glad to have Pastor Jeff Redlin, Julie and Connor with us... it's been great and fun!

On The Way To Melaka

It is great to be headed to annual Family Camp with our church family! Malaysia is the Family Camp destination for a lot of the churches in Singapore-including us! It was a long cue at the Tuas Causeway for the 4 buses but they are on their way now!
This year we are really asking the LORD to revive our hearts. It's been a good year and we have gotten even more busy, busy in the work-but I fear, a least for me, my heart has grown cold. I personally feel dry and am asking the LORD to revive my heart! We as a church are asking the LORD to work in us, and even more far reaching… to poor out His Spirit on the dry land in revival power!
Our friend, Pastor Jeff Redlin and his family are with us for camp… pray for us… this is our team and we need the Lord to move!


We have just returned from one of the largest Restricted Access Nations in the world where we have set up an office and our new company has negotiated opportunities for at least 5 teachers to teach English and live on one campus of a university in a huge city! The opportunity is staggering!

The engineering students come from all of the the country and return home after their studies--but for a short window we have the opportunity to influence and teach.

We need at least 5 teachers in 60 days for the first semester. Are you willing? Please write to us immediately!