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Time Magazine Article-News From Burma

The LORD Always Knows Best!

Just wanted to share...

A video of "a lovely testimony of a life" shown at the memorial service for Joey Merrill--one of three young men swept away into Glory in the Colorado River April 30th. I was deeply moved and encouraged hearing the peace and power in the voice of Pastor Merrill (Joey and Mark's father) at the end of the video as he is preaching!

Please remember the families of 16 year old Saif Savaya, 22 year-old Joey Merrill and 15 year old Mark Merrill in prayer. There is another memorial service remembering Saif on Tuesday and the church is expecting 150 of Saif's public school friends.

Attempting To Succeed "Separately"?

This past winter, on a lovely Sunday morning, I heard a duet.

Two people side by side singing a song exhorting the listener to be steadfast, immoveable in his or her devotion and worship to the LORD. As I listened, the melody wafted out across the congregation--clear, strong, exceptionally true.

When the harmony began, the singer appeared to be struggling. She just couldn't get into the harmony. She struggled trying to read the music and sing the part as written. Clearly she was in pain. I longed to jump up and help her! I thought, "If only she would just fall into the natural harmony instead of trying to sing her own part!" But no. As they continued through 2 more verses, they sang as 2 separate singers on individual missions--clear, strong beautiful voices--but separate, not in harmony--clearly not a duet. Each attempting to succeed separately.

As they finished the song & the preaching began, I was suddenly pierced, "How many times have I been singing my own tune…

brokenness, the state of

Not a very comfortable way to be -- broken. Not for the average thinker anyway. It gives the idea of “spoiled or not working right.” Yet clearly, brokenness (or absolute surrender) is a fundamental in experiencing the promised victorious Christian life—life lived in victory at the foot of the cross because of what Jesus has done for me!

The power to live the Christian life is so freely made available to us at salvation! Why don’t we live in it daily? Why do we continue in sin believing lies like “it’s natural, everyone is like that, nobody really lives in victory?” Could it be that we fear what absolute surrender might demand? But why? I surrendered my eternal soul to the keeping of the Saviour, how much more so can I trust Him with my short life on earth!

To the Christian, brokenness is NOT “spoiled”—it’s “set free!” Surrendered to the Saviour. Set free from the snares of the world, the flesh, and the devil! Guided by the hand of the one who loved so much, He died. He died for me. He d…

Student Movement For Christ Int'l Staff 2009

Row 1 (Front) :
Arnica Padilla, Ingrid Torres, Filyjoy Peregrino, Jonna Fe Tabunda, Meliza Satingasin, Pastor Mike Redick, Mrs. Lisa Redick, Joy Pinero, Kim Coogan, Alma Cadalso, Azalea Hocino.

Row 2 (Middle):
Disi Mae Ocon, Emely Rago, Perlajoy Eladio, Romela Padilla, Maridel Perino, Marife Batiancila, Benzel Villanueva, Roxanne Villle Serra, Jonah Natura, Joyfe Rombines, Aileen Tanghinan, Bernadeth Sato, Geraldine Abendan, Lilibeth Peros, Jessa Rejas, Rosalie Codilla,

Row 3 (Back):
Mechelle Peregrino, Jerry Garcia, Reynaldo Auxilio, Danny Flora, Allan Padilla, Jovinille Francicso, Jared Valenzuela, Rambel Martinez, Rainy Leigh Degille, Ven Anthony Tabunda, Mark Anthony Intas, Francis Romano, Elzon Rey Pillo

The Pictures of Sunday In Bayawan!

Two flat tires, no phone signal, new friends, baby dedication, two day old kidds ... all in a Sunday afternoon trip to preach in Bayawan! It was a great!