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Grace Alone-Hope For The Hopeless!

It's exciting to see just how marvelous our LORD is!

Orphanages... who would have thought it! Ten years ago He gave us our first one in Myanmar and now-5 children's homes later- one of those boys is graduating from Bible College in Yangon and soon to be appointed as one of our pioneering mssionaries!

And now, Cambodia. Such a privilege...

It's difficult to travel the 3rd world without having your heart strings yanked by the utter hopelessness of man... child... persons. There is a shocking lack of respect for life and death. Babies born and cast aside, people die alone, abandoned to te elements. But why should there be any respect for life and death? Who has a choice about it all? You wouldn't either if you were the newest child in a family of 7 with no hope of medication, education, occupation, or any other -tion that goes along with "1st world security".

No hope. When was the last time you could truly say you had no hope? For us it's an occasional thing usu…