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Our Christmas Letter 2008

More Than Ever . . . Peace On Earth!
It seems this year, more than ever, we’ve been thinking about “peace on earth.”—not just as one of the traditional beauty-queen aspirations—but the real thing, lasting peace on earth—a peace that extends beyond borders and cultures, a peace only available in Christ! With the potential for Mike’s brother Scott and perhaps nephew Bailey to be stationed in warzones very soon, with more and more cities we travel to regularly being terrorized and bombed, with dear friends in several countries suffering persecution—even unto death—it has been a thought that has occupied our minds with great consistency!

Thankfully, even though the world crumbles a bit daily, there is peace to be had on earth! And we are so thankful for the peace that passeth all understanding (Phil 4:7). And we are thankful for the time to set aside at Christmas and recall it was Christ who made provision for that peace—for us to be reconciled to our Maker!!

I have to confess though, the r…