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Off to Australia Tomorrow

Arrived back in Singapore yesterday and will be off to Australia tomorrow. Please pray--we are meeting some new friends! Mike asks as always that we pray for power on the preaching!

We will be home in 5 days, Lord willing! Will write about the last few weeks!


Too Many Lady Bugs!

Last Sunday, a ladybug landed on my hand. He was handsome to behold! The two big red spots on either side of its shiny black body—absolutely symmetrical! Its face, purposefully painted by the loving hand of God—one of His perfect masterpieces. Amazingly, this little guy is just like a million others that hatch out all over the world every year—perhaps even in your own backyard—except this one is in China.

On Thursday, we visited a deer farm and were assailed by orange ladybugs--all shapes and varieties--landing in our hair--filling the car--under our feet. They were everywhere--a potential plague! ;) Well, maybe not that bad!

But later, as I thought about the one and then the many, I realized the ladybugs were not a mere coincidence... there was a lesson to be learned!

12 October 2008

Today I was pulled to the cross and painfully forced to reflect on my own ingratitude. When was the last time you cried with pure joy and thanksgiving over the fact that Jesus died to save you and you don’t…

A Must Read: Go Home & Tell!

Last month I read the autobiography of Miss Bertha Smith-single missionary to China from 1917-1942! To say it was marvelous, is just not enough! I was so deeply encouraged by the life God gave her and by the power of the LORD poured out on the land during her time spent in China and Famosa/Taiwan. (Read a short biographical sketch below.)
Being back in China right now for the first time since reading it, I am so moved by what needs to be done for the cause here at this time, which is our time! Please remember the work, the lost, and workers here to the most high--and get hold of the the book:
Go Home & Tell By Betha Smith
Miss Smith was born on Nov. 16, 1888, on a farm outside Cowpens, South Carolina. She was one of five children of John and Frances Smith.
A disciplined, precocious child, she had a dynamic conversion experience and came to Jesus Christ during a Baptist revival meeting in 1905.
While in college in 1910, Bertha realized that God wanted her to become a mis…

I Certainly Got This Wrong!

You know, I never liked singing that song, I Saw Jesus In You for Sundays. ;) Every time it was chosen I would cringe and wonder why on earth we were singing that again! Being a song from a cute Christmas musical, all I could think of were the circumstances of the story and couldn’t appreciate it any time it was sung during the worship time. Clearly biased!

A few Sundays ago, it came up again. I found myself standing on the stage in our 700 seat auditorium--inwardly rolling my eyes--singing with the orchestra and choir along with the congregation

When I enter heaven’s glory
And I see my Saviour’s face
I will offer Him 10,000 years of praise

Ok so far…

Then I’ll find that special one

Oh no, here comes the story part…

In whose love I saw God’s Son
Then through tears of joy and trembling lips
You’ll hear me say: I saw Jesus in you…

But with that line, it seemed my eyes were opened as we sang…

I saw Jesus in you
I could hear His voice in the words you said
I saw Jesus in you

And suddenly I realized as m…

Off To China Tomorrow

We are leaving for China tomorrow morning! Please remember us... we will be gone 3 weeks ... traveling in several cities with a wonderfully heavy schedule! How exciting!

Will write when we can.

Psalm 81:10