Friday, 1 August 2008

24 Girls

Angela Tucker
Homemaker & Mother

U.S. TEAM / Highlands Baptist Chruch, Colorado

Assigned to: Negros Oriental University (NORSU)

There were 24 of them. Bright faced, smiling girls. Twenty-four young ladies. And Angela had 20 minutes. The classroom was simple, hot.

Angela had prepared and prayed. She cast the net of the Gospel in faith believing that the Spirit does the work. Their faces were bright, uplifted, attentive. Hearts soft, moved by the reality of sin, the pure sacrifice of love, and the specific willingness and ability or the Saviour to save--each one! All the beauty of the truth.

At the invitation, 20 responded!

One of the most wonderful parts of the crusade is reading the response slips! These girls wrote lovely responses . . .

"thank you for coming to tell me"

"I'm so glad to know that heaven will be my home"

"I trusted Christ to save me"

"thanks for coming"

"this has been the greatest day for me"

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