Thursday, 10 July 2008

The Time To Pray Is Now!

Evangelistic Crusade Update:

The presidents of all three universities we approached on the island of Bohol in the Philippines have rejected our requests to hold room to room evangelism during the Crusade which is set to begin next week on 5 islands.

There has been opposition from the very beginnning on Bohol. It was a difficult island to break into, but the LORD has made a way to plant a foundation there with a student center and 4 fulltime workers teamed with a local church!

We believe The LORD would have us in Bohol for the Crusade! So join us in praying that He will open the door for evangelism there for the next two weeks especially! Please pray for the SMC Team Leader in the Bohol Chapter, Bro Ven (pictured), that he will have wisdom to know what to do, and how and when to speak to the authorities!

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  1. PRAYING!!! I usually check your blog every day and haven't had time the last week. Checked it today and found three posts I haven't seen yet!


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