Friday, 18 July 2008

It's Not Too Late To Join the Team!

Did you know that there is a full scale evangelistic crusade going on right now in the Philippines? Are you are part of it? I hope so!!

It's amazing what the LORD is doing so far... after the first four days, 10,709 people have heard the Gospel and 5,635 have made decisions!

The evangelistic team led by Pastor Mike is made up of our own SMCI Team and workers in the Philippines, a team from Highlands Baptist Church in Colorado, a team from Baptist College of Ministry in Wisconsin, and a team from our home church in Singapore! All these Netcasters have joined together for a total of 3 weeks of evangelistic meetings on 4 islands and 40 campuses!

There has been great victory, but there is opposition as well!

Let's join them in the battle!

For the duration of the campaign, why not . . .
commit to pray everytime you eat!

As you are reading this, why not add yourself to the Evangelistic Team right now, and commit to pray? It's not too late! Pray for ...

...the LOST
...for those proclaiming the truth
...for the administration that needs to give the permission for preaching
...for safetly, boldness, strength
...for provision

"Meet you at throne!"


  1. Auntie Lisa,

    Thanks for your call for prayer support. I've been keep our church family posted on our team and their needs. I believe our prayers are as important the work our teams are doing there.


  2. You are so right Priscilla! How exciting to see what is happening. Tomorrow they have 6 preaching opportunities but will probably finish by 2 p.m... So let's ask the LORD to give them some good, refreshing rest!
    Love you dear,
    Auntie Lisa

  3. Thanks for the update, Lisa. We will be lifting them up this morning and through the day. We'll keep praying about Bohol. Praise Him for all He's doing there.


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