Tuesday, 22 July 2008

“I Will Wait On Thy Name.” Psalm 52:9

Today I read something marvellous in Green Leaf In Drought-Time, By Isobel Kuhn. It's on page 148!

The author is reading from the letters of a China Inland Missions missionary. By June of 1953, in the wake of China's Cultural Revolution, he had already been under house arrest for a year and a half-- separated from his wife and baby-- systematically starved, betrayed, and tormented by the communists—now facing the ultimate mockery of a "peoples' trial," he writes:

On Saturday I read Luke 22:37: The things concerning me have an end, and it has been a growing seed of comfort in my mind since then . . . . You will know that I am not trying to fix any time-limit; we've learned that it is not given to us to know. It is not for you to know the times; but we can fix on facts. And the fact is, there is an end. [It won't go on forever.] . . . .

The next morning in my quiet time I read, Psalm 52:9: I will wait on thy name. The LORD spoke clearly to me from Matthew Henry's Commentary on this verse, he says:

"There is nothing better to calm our spirits and to keep us in the way of duty (when we are tempted to an indirect course for our own relief), than to hope and quietly wait for the salvation of the LORD."

That clicked very clearly in my mind and I would add to it Hudson Taylor's remark:

"I have never seen the willingness to suffer and leave God to vindicate His own cause, His own people and their right, where the result has not been beneficial, if there has been rest and faith in Him."


What a lovely account—especially knowing now the complete end to the tale! The LORD gave the seed of a promise to this dear brother in the verse, ...the things concerning me have an end. In less than a month he was to be on his way out of China, delivered from the threats and persecution.

It is clear, however, that my world is so very small in comparison to the one I read about today. The tiny calumnies the LORD has privileged me to bear-- so minuscule in the light of "this man's one life." And although I too can add my amen to what Hudson Taylor said, and have rested in peace waiting on the LORD to do His wonderful work, I must confess of how sad it is that often I can't wait just a short time—a very short time--for Him to work. And often I too am sorely tempted to an indirect course for my own relief.

Give me grace LORD, to see the seeds of the promises of victory and wait for the deliverance you give-that nothing suffered in your name should be wasted. Allow me to "always hope and quietly wait for your salvation..."

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