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Dr. Chong Kim Cheong

Singapore TEAM/
GLCC Netcasters Director

I am privileged to share what the LORD has been doing on the campuses of the Philippines recently-we were assigned to Negros!

As you read this testimony.... may I ask you to consider these questions: Will you pray that the Lord would send labourers into the harvest fields—where you are right now? Will you become a labourer? Or will you remain on the sidelines-observer or critic? Will you allow God's Spirit to stir you deeply with a burden for those who are like sheep without a shepherd?

The evangelistic team led by Pastor Mike comprised of Student Movement for Christ (SMC-Philippines) workers & students, 2 US groups from Highlands Baptist Church in Colorado and Baptist College of Ministry in Wisconsin and a Singapore team from GLCC. The members of the GLCC team are Kim Cheong, Hwee Min, Malcolm, Jessie, Eugene, Daphne, Maja, Ee Kwang, Norman, Jeffrey Woon, Ivan and Ray. Benjamin Quek (son of Pastor Sam) is interning wit…

Philppines Crusade Update

As of today, the teams have reported 20,643 persons have heard the Gospel in personal evangelism, room to room evangelism on the campuses and other types of services and meetings. There were 11,391 decisions for salvation. The LORD is so amazing!

They saw people delivered from the bondage of sin, convicted to tears by the fact that Christ loved them, and died for them. There were those who could not wait to trust Him until the end of the presentation.

In the end, of the four islands targeted during the 2 weeks, 3 of them refused to grant the room to room evangelism! But the teams were not turned aside! They were able to be on campus witnessing, showing the Gospel Films in the student centers and preaching after. They used other creative means of providing opportunities for people to hear.

(Benjamin Quek, Linao High School)
The team was made up of over 50 people from the Philippines, Ireland, Singapore, and the U.S. They were fulltime christian workers, teachers, business men and women, s…

“I Will Wait On Thy Name.” Psalm 52:9

Today I read something marvellous in Green Leaf In Drought-Time, By Isobel Kuhn. It's on page 148!

The author is reading from the letters of a China Inland Missions missionary. By June of 1953, in the wake of China's Cultural Revolution, he had already been under house arrest for a year and a half-- separated from his wife and baby-- systematically starved, betrayed, and tormented by the communists—now facing the ultimate mockery of a "peoples' trial," he writes:

On Saturday I read Luke 22:37: The things concerning me have an end, and it has been a growing seed of comfort in my mind since then . . . . You will know that I am not trying to fix any time-limit; we've learned that it is not given to us to know. It is not for you to know the times; but we can fix on facts. And the fact is, there is an end. [It won't go on forever.] . . . .

The next morning in my quiet time I read, Psalm 52:9: I will wait on thy name. The LORD spoke clearly to me from Matthew Henr…

It's Not Too Late To Join the Team!

Did you know that there is a full scale evangelistic crusade going on right now in the Philippines? Are you are part of it? I hope so!!

It's amazing what the LORD is doing so far... after the first four days, 10,709 people have heard the Gospel and 5,635 have made decisions!
The evangelistic team led by Pastor Mike is made up of our own SMCI Team and workers in the Philippines, a team from Highlands Baptist Church in Colorado, a team from Baptist College of Ministry in Wisconsin, and a team from our home church in Singapore! All these Netcasters have joined together for a total of 3 weeks of evangelistic meetings on 4 islands and 40 campuses!

There has been great victory, but there is opposition as well!

Let's join them in the battle!
For the duration of the campaign, why not . . .
commit to pray everytime you eat!
As you are reading this, why not add yourself to the Evangelistic Team right now, and commit to pray? It's not too late! Pray for ...
...the LOST ...for those proclaim…

The Time To Pray Is Now!

Evangelistic Crusade Update:

The presidents of all three universities we approached on the island of Bohol in the Philippines have rejected our requests to hold room to room evangelism during the Crusade which is set to begin next week on 5 islands.

There has been opposition from the very beginnning on Bohol. It was a difficult island to break into, but the LORD has made a way to plant a foundation there with a student center and 4 fulltime workers teamed with a local church!

We believe The LORD would have us in Bohol for the Crusade! So join us in praying that He will open the door for evangelism there for the next two weeks especially! Please pray for the SMC Team Leader in the Bohol Chapter, Bro Ven (pictured), that he will have wisdom to know what to do, and how and when to speak to the authorities!

Generosity of Heart & Speech

But the wisdom that is from above is first pure, then peaceable, gentle, and easy to be intreated, full of mercy and good fruits, without partiality, and without hypocrisy. James 3:17
Mike and I have been reading Ordained of the LORD, by E. Schuyler English. It's the biography of H.A. Ironside. Have you read it? I have been so moved by his generous spirit-he was so generous of heart and speech.

Last night we read an account of a conversation he had with a Jesuit priest. They traveled together on a train in the early 1900's somewhere near Fresno, CA. (I've been on that line--it's still bumpy!) It was a lovely story in which HAI (ch. 10) protected the man's personal conversation and thoughts even though we (the readers) would never come to know his name. Imagine the picture--HAI in his suit and starched collar--and the Jesuit priest...well, Jesuit priest-like (you get the idea!) With gentle, generous speech, in the power of the Holy Spirit, he spoke the words of salvat…

You Prayed, He Answered

Mary Louise Redick
"So when this corruptible shall have put on incorruption, and this mortal shall have put on immortality, then shall be brought to pass the saying that is written, Death is swallowed up in victory." 1 Corinthians 15:54
Thanks for praying for Mike's mom, Mary Louise Redick, who passed from this world to the glory of Heaven and the presence of her Savior on Sunday, the 29th of June.
The Lord was gracious to answer prayer and allow us to spend 3 weeks with her before that day and even have a Bible Study together with Mike's sis Deb about Heaven just 3 days before she left us!
At the ceremony to celebrate her life, many testimonies were given of thanksgiving for a life well spent as wife, mother, grandmother, great-grandmother and friend. The LORD was glorified and Mike preached the Gospel with full-liberty! We saw the Spirit open hearts and trust that a great work was done!
Mike had two moms all his life--one who bore him and one who raised him--this is t…