Wednesday, 25 June 2008

There's A Lot To Pray About


The results of Cyclone Nargis in the lowlands of Myanmar continue to bring opportunities to minister the love of Christ in supply of food, shelter and most importanly--the Gospel of Jesus Christ! Much love, prayer, & sacrificial giving has been demonstrated. The government continues to persecute the brethren for reaching out to those in restricted areas denied help from other sources. There have been arrests and beatings.


Typhoon flooding has affected 90% of of house churches in Panay. Many of the home villages of the workers from Student Movement For Christ (SMCI) are under water. Please remember them in prayer!

In just 3 weeks we begin one of the most extensive Evangelistic Crusades w have ever undertaken! An evangelistic team of more than 40 workers from 5 countries will be reaching out on 4 islands. We hope to reach 70,000 people with the Gospel in 14 days. Pray for power, protection, and provision!


Carla, one of our dear, dear filipina sisters teaching english in China is fighting for her life in a hospital in the Philippines. Please pray for her, for healing!

Summer camp has 200 students enrolled this year. Training and the camp begin in 2 weeks.

Mike's book "Move On To Maturity" is just about to go to press in Mandarin! It will be distributed via Hong Kong. Pray that the LORD will use it and direct each book into the right hands.


Campus Outreach: the Lord has raised up two workers to pioneer this work. Pray for the right time and Cambodian partner.

Orphanage: amazing doors have been openned in the process of starting the local NGO in Cambodia! Pray for the local partner we need! Many young people have surrendered to this ministry and we trust the LORD will continue to direct in His timing!

Pray... more later!


Mike and I are in California for just a few weeks enjoying the honour of caring for his mom in the last stages of cancer. She is a lovely Christian woman who has been a fine mother to her 7 children. Remember her in prayer at this difficult time. We need to return to Singapore by the 5th of July.


What a joy to hear of the wonderful meetings with Pastor Colin Richards at the recent family camp! The reviving work that Spirit began is ongoing! Pray for the new outreaches and for their desire to reach their world with the Gospel!

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  1. Thanks for the update. Wish we were closer to So Cal so we could see you. Will pray for Mike's Mom. John Mincy


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