Tuesday, 6 May 2008

Cyclone-- BURMA!

Mike and I are in the Philippines. This week he is up in the north doing a NETS Seminar and breaking into a new province. I am in the Visayas (middle) taking part in our annual training for fulltime workers and pastors.

We have been away from the news and internet... I just heard about the cyclone and have been trying to call our friends in Yangon... so far there as been no response. Kim Coogan and I went to the internet cafe to see if there was word in the email, but none yet.

So... all this to say... please pray for the brethren in Myanmar! I hear the governement is letting in help! This is a good thing... pray for protection, strength and that this trajedy will not be wasted in the cause of Christ!

Please, please pray for them... there will be looting and violence... and all that goes with this type of disaster...

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