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"Still, We Almost Missed It"

Tall for a Cambodian, handsome and neat, surprisingly trendy, polite. A young man approached us in the church courtyard in Phnom Pehn. His English formal, his manner cool and professional. He was inquiring about our visit. We were there at New Life Church/Missions with hopes of meeting the pastor, a Khmer Rouge survivor and powerful force for the cause of Christ throughout the country since the ousting of Pol Pot in the 70's. It was campus ministries we hoped to discuss and it was an appointment we were after. But on this day, it was I who was this young man's divine appointment.
He said he was 25 and when I repeated his beautiful Khmer name the best I could, he smiled and asked me to call him by his "nickname" which was Peter. He had been saved in 2005 and had been following the LORD since. Faithfully serving wherever the need, watching Godly elders live and serve, studying when he could-he was now the pastor's assistant (administrative) being mentored for minist…

Along The Mekong River, Cambodia

Have a look at the slide show below... :)