Friday, 7 March 2008

With All Praise!

Wednesday night while on the way to preach in the U.S., Pastor Mike was in a car accident. The 3 cars involved were totally destroyed --praise God there were only minor injuries all around!

He is quite bruised and very stiff but ok! :) He has one more week of ministry in the states before he returns home on 15 March, Lord willing.

Let's give thanks to the LORD for his mercy and protection on all His servants who travel for the cause for Christ--every week many are going between Singapore and KL... Batam and Singapore... island to island in the Philippines... here and there in China, Vietnam, Cambodia, the U.S. and more. Let's remember not to take safety for granted and to remember to pray for all of them and their families while they are away!

There is truly a "wideness in God's mercy" and we are blessed!


  1. Dear Mike and Lisa,

    Praise God for His abundant provision and safety during Mike's recent accident. We have prayed that God would be merciful and continue to protect you folks.

    Eileen and I were blessed above measure at the recent Holiness Conference. When Mike spoke on the familiar passage from Ephesians 5:18, "but be filled with the Spirit" God gave us grace to learn to rest in His mighty power for service and sanctification. God had prepared our hearts for that particular conference through various circumstances to recive His Word in a very special way. We are still basking daily in His grace as we push on toward our mission.

    We hope to catch up with both of you somewhere around the globe as the Lord wills.

    God's best to yo both,
    Tim and Eileen :)

  2. Hi You Two!

    Praying for you and trusting the LORD to lead you! Let us know how you are and WHERE you are! ;)

    lisa ;)


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