Friday, 28 March 2008

On The Mekong

Greetings from Cambodia! We have arrived safely! J and K from the Philippine team have joined us here for the next 3 weeks-the campus ministries get to rest during school holidays so they are spying out the land for the Cambodian Campus Ministry possiblities and more! We are with Missionaries J. Also joining us for a few days-- we are glad to have Pastor J, Bro L and Bro G from Colorado!

The men spent last night on the Mekong River where Missionary J is working with Operation Renewed Hope in planting churches—a new and exciting project. There are so many people to reach along the river! Using a speed boat, they travel up and down the river bringing medical care and the Gospel!

Next week, M will go to the Vietnam border to help start a church there and we are very excited to see the LORD work! Our goals to pray about while here include:

Setting up the NGO for our first Cambodian Orphanage

Evangelistic meetings on the Vietnam/Cambodian Border

Evangelism along the Mekong River

More later…

Friday, 7 March 2008

With All Praise!

Wednesday night while on the way to preach in the U.S., Pastor Mike was in a car accident. The 3 cars involved were totally destroyed --praise God there were only minor injuries all around!

He is quite bruised and very stiff but ok! :) He has one more week of ministry in the states before he returns home on 15 March, Lord willing.

Let's give thanks to the LORD for his mercy and protection on all His servants who travel for the cause for Christ--every week many are going between Singapore and KL... Batam and Singapore... island to island in the Philippines... here and there in China, Vietnam, Cambodia, the U.S. and more. Let's remember not to take safety for granted and to remember to pray for all of them and their families while they are away!

There is truly a "wideness in God's mercy" and we are blessed!