Thursday, 31 January 2008

The Evangelist's Heart!

I am the LORD thy God,
which brought thee out of the land of Egypt:
open thy mouth wide, and I will fill it.
Psalm 81:10

I love being married to an evangelist!

Apart from the exciting life of constant new experiences --and I do mean new :)-- and apart from the glory of seeing God work miraculously in the hearts of people day by day, there is the always and ever-enlarging vision of what God can do, wants to do, and will do!

My beloved is never happier than when he is preaching the Gospel to huge crowds of hungry people! There is a glorious confidence in knowing God gave him the message and knowing the Spirit will speak it to hearts! We have been praying that the LORD would ever widen the doors of that influence . . . even to the possibility of holding mass evangelistic crusades all over the world...

Well, this morning Mike told me from the Philippines that a group of men invited him to a meeting and proposed joining together in such a crusade in the northern part of the Philippines. Please pray with us that the LORD will give wisdom!

remembering it's all about JESUS,

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  1. Amen! Thank God for Lisa and Mike. Nothing helps like living examples.


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