Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Mountain Fires In California

This is a prayer request... I am in CA with Mike's mom and we have been evacuated from the Lake Arrowhead area. Many homes near Mom, and all over Southern California, have already been lost. If you are following the story, you'll already know that the weather report shows little or no slowing of the Santa Anna winds that are whipping the flames. When we were evacuating we saw a new fire spring up as we drove through. Just 3 hours later it had already destroyed 350 acres and was out of control. Please pray that the LORD would work and fires would be stopped!

Also, this will probably cause delays in Mom's chemo therapy which we cannot afford to see. Pray with us for Mom, that the LORD would heal her and work out this problem!

Praise the LORD that He does not slumber and that He is concerned about everything! I will let my mother-in-law know that you are praying. Thanks.


  1. Will certainly pray for you. You are absolutely right - our God never slumber and is there for us 24/7. Thank God He is always so loving and merciful.

  2. Lisa,
    Please update us on your health situation, and please know that we are praying for you and your ministy.

  3. yes, we are on our knees! We were unable to access blogspot for a while ... so, just got the news! PTL that the best thing we can do now is to pray! Love ya lots!


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