Friday, 28 September 2007

Remember the People of Burma

If you have ever thought of praying for the lost of an entire nation or for the persecuted church ... now is the time!

As many of you know we partner in a faith mission board, Biblical Faith Baptist Missions, with a wonderful group of Chin believers in Burma (Myanmar) whose homeland is facing a crisis!

I'm sure you are aware of the events going on right now in Burma. What you may not know is that the government of Myanmar (Burma) has said in a public letter written several months ago that it's desire is to stamp Christianity out of every home eliminating every Christian from the country-making the population "zero christians." Pray that they will be overthrown in this cause.

Please pray for people of Burma, to the God for whom nothing is impossible!

Pray for a solution that will allow the Gospel to flow into the country!

Pray that the LORD will deliver the people from the bondage of sin and superstition!

Pray for protection and wisdom for our many co-workers and their families who are right now living in the middle of what is going on in the streets of Rangoon.


  1. Lisa. . . thank you for the blog! Encouraging words! I did pray for Burma this morning even though I didn't know exactly what was going on, but heard a small blurb on the radio. Thanks for the timely reminder!

  2. Keep praying Vicki!


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