Sunday, 19 August 2007

I Am So Thankful They Wrote It All Down

Rosalind Goforth, Marie Monsen, Ruth Paxson, Isobel Kuhn and so many others . . . the books, the letters, the lectures, the essays. I am so thankful they wrote it all down!

My life, and perhaps yours too, has been influenced by recorded events of His-story played out in the lives of His servants! These women had lots in common --they knew both success and failure, victory and defeat in their lives and ministries. But, I think one of the most important things they had in common was that they were confident to the depths of their being that they could touch the heart of Almighty God on their knees! They knew the secret that God answers prayer! And, in faith--they prayed!

Sometimes in our "highly administered" world I think we actually forget or maybe even stop believing in our ability to touch the heart of the one who actually controls the avatars in the X-Box of life! We schedule, organize, assign, recruit and strategize ourselves into some sort of visible success. We all know that this success is sometimes ours and sometimes His.

The LORD has been so good to Mike & to me and it has been my joy to know many great pray-ers! Actually it is amazing to think of what the LORD has done in our short lives in answer to prayer!

So, with a lot of encouragement and as the LORD allows ...
I have decided to write it down.

Welcome to . . . How I Know God STILL Answers Prayer!


  1. So delighted to be invited to your blog!
    Thanks for sharing from the riches of your heart...sharing blessings, encouragements,joy,fears and more.
    May the Lord continue to use you mightily!

  2. Thanks YK, my precious prayer partner! I am deeply encouraged by your words about this!. Know you will lift it up to the LORD. Ask Him to give me wisdom! Want to see that He alone is glorifed!


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