Friday, 3 July 2015

The End of the Day, Thursday 2 July 2015

At the end of Thursday, (Day 6 of 42) the SMCI eCampaign Teams have preached the Gospel to 30,480 people in 47 schools.  The last few days they have entered many schools for the very first time. It has been vigorous! In fact, the approximately 35 eCampaigners have preached the Gospel 750 times with 20,851 decisions being made.

It was a great day for Team Faith today!  Thank God for many opportunities today!  We have hit schools with 72 sections, 33 sections, 46 sections and 30 sections Awesome preaching opportunities. Prraise the LORD for every heart that He has prepared to receive His Word.  Though our voices are hoarse now, all of us are in sweet spirits, witnessing the work of the Holy Spirit in lives.  P.S. Think PM needs his Starbucks badly after a day of hard work! --Theresa, Singapore

We are Team Love.  It's raining. The preachers are not giving up even as we have to raise our voices so that the kids could hear us.  The students moved forward to the front to hear us better!  It's the preparation of the hearts of these students.  We are using for another school now.  Late as the last school kept opening more sections for us. --Oi Ching, Singapore

From Timothy Lim, Singapore Go Fish Team

Thursday, Day 6 of 42


Timothy Lim
1 July at 05:50
In Impasugong NHS, students were leaving when we arrived in the van. Team Hope reached just in time as students were trapped by a rain shower. Rushing to grab students, the team managed 12 opportunities in a situation where there could be none. I personally had 2 opportunities, 1 group and a pair of ladies. They were heading for night class and I managed to get them for 5 minutes. It started to rain but thank God they did not move away, in fact they stood with me the entire way. Despite the rain, they accepted the gospel and joyfully went on their way. Thank God for these two students! #smciecamp2015

Monday, 29 June 2015

At the End of the Day (Day 3 of 42, Monday)

Day 3 of 42
Monday, 29 June 2015

                          Schools Visited:      10
Opportunities To Give The Gospel:    155
   Persons Who Heard the Gospel:  6,144
                         Decisions Made:  3,622

#smciecamp2015 #thegospel #cuzitsreallyreal

Team Faith! Day 3 of 42 (Monday)

Team Faith was the 3rd team out.  They had some schools cancel but had many opportunities to preach the Gospel.

Team Joy! Day 3 of 42 (Monday)

Team Joy set out  next and had a wonderful day! The LORD was so good as always! They had some very attentive classes with may making decisions! Theresa and Myles both preached the Gospel 14 times each!

From Myles:

"It was an amazing day!! I got to watch God work in ways I have never personally seen before.  I personally saw hundreds of decisions made and I am very confident that many were for salvation!  I could see it in them!!  Not to mention the fact that as a team (Faith, Joy and Love) shared the Gospel with over 6000 students in one day, that's incredible.  I am excited for the rest of eCamp-Lord willing my voice holds up."

Team Hope! Day 3 of 42 (Monday)

Team Hope headed out very early on the first day of "Room to Room" for a Mass-Evangelism!

They also picked up another team, Ptr Mark and Ate Yen Yen, at the airport!

Here are some shots of Team Hope in action! 

Room to Room Evangelism Begins On Day 3 of 42 (Monday)

Just in from Dr. Kim Cheong:

eCamp Day 3, Monday

Today is the first day of room to room evangelism in th 2015 SMCI eCampaign!  Already we are meeting students who are keen let us know that they were saved in previous eCamps!

This scout was excited to tell the SMCI eCampaigners who came to his school today that he had already trusted the LORD last year when he heard the #thegospel. He is now in the 8th grade!  #smciecamp2015 #cuzitsreallyreal

Sunday, 28 June 2015

WEEK 1: Day 1 Photos , Saturday

First Teams Arrive And Are Met By Local SMCIans

First Mass Evangelisms

Saturday, 27 June 2015

Tags for Posting About The SMCI eCamp 2015

Greetings! The SMCI eCampaign 2015 begins this Saturday, 27 June 2015! There are several places to update blogs for the prayer warriors! Post on the SMCI e-Campaign Updates FB page, your own twitter, instagram, fb or other social media and please use the tags:




Thursday, 24 July 2014

What's It Really Like To Be An SMCI eCampaigner?

SMCI 2014eCamp Update:

Over 100,000 people have heard the Gospel so far in the #smci2014ecamp! God is concerned enough about the lost to be in the details when you step forward with the Gospel! 

But what's it really like to be an SCMI eCampaigner?

First of all
you are assigned to a team. 
Your team arrives at several campuses each day, 
pays the appropriate courtesy call to the person in charge. 
Then, in room after room, by previous arrangement 
with the Dean or Administrator or Dept of Education, 
team members enter ongoing classes and are given the 20 minute liberty to introduce themselves and share a life changing message for their consideration! 
As often as possible an opportunity to respond is given 
with information taken for follow up by the local SMCI Fulltime teams. 

Is there opposition? 

Does it go this smoothly every time? 

 Is there a need for prayer every day during the eCampaign? 

 Does He answer? 
Oh yes, He certainly does! 

 Press on! 

Tuesday, 22 July 2014

Day 25

Lawrence Char
Lawrence Char22 July 20:19
Day 25 of #smci2014ecamp
Number of schools: 5
Number of opportunities: 37
Persons who heard the gospel: 1634
Persons who made decisions: 739

To date of #smci2014ecamp
Number of schools: 195
Number of opportunities: 1641
Persons who heard the gospel: 93,592
Persons who made decisions: 47,976

From the Heart: Jett, Singapore (Bicol)

Josette (Jett) joined the SMCI eCampaign in the Philippines coming from GBM in Singapore! This was her first campaign. Providentially, she spent most of her week with the eCampaign in 3 hotels and the airport! :)  But, her testimony shows clearly that the LORD has a plan in everything! Thanks for coming Jett! Lord bless and may you be a light wherever you go leading all who will hear to the truth! :)

Josette, Week 3, Bicol 2014

Jett Hime
Jett Hime22 July 08:28
I just want to praise God for hearts changed in Bicol region. Not just those who have heard and believed the gospel but especially my heart and the heart of team. For 5.5 days of not preaching but praying, for 99% listening to the gospel than preaching, He revealed the things that He wants to change in my heart. And it's not just being positive about the circumstances but trusting God for Who He Is. That He is in Control. He is Merciful. He is Loving. He is Sovereign.

I want to remain and preach on but i only have 1 week this year. For the teams who remain, PREACH ON. Will back you up with fervent prayers.

On Saturday night, something came to my mind. Its like God is telling me "You want to preach? Then preach in Singapore". That struck me. And praising God for that.

I pray that the Lord will keep the flame burning in our hearts and let it spread to whoever comes near it even when we are back to our hometowns. #Smci2014ecamp

Saturday, 19 July 2014

Travel Day-Saturday

SMCI eCampaign 2014 Teams have already started traveling and will be flying for the next 36 hours. Please remember them in prayer ! Thanks.

Friday, 18 July 2014

From Pastor Mike, Fri a.m. Legazpi

Friday Morning, 18 July 2014 Update From PM in LEGAZPI: 

We thank the Lord for protection and provision during typhoon Glenda. 

The city of Legaspi and the region of Bicol continues to suffer greatly. Electricity is not expected to be restored for a month, water and food is in short supply. Some people who lost there homes and belongings are becoming desperate and creating a fearful unrest in the city. 

Our eCamp team has been wonderfully blessed with food, water, a roof over our heads and electricity. The airport has resumed flights and we are scheduled to leave tomorrow (Saturday) and resume our Gospel work in Manila. 

Please pray for next week. Manila also suffered through typhoon Glenda but we are trusting the Lord to open many door and multitudes of hearts for the gospel. And remember the people of the Philippines. Thanks for your prayers during this difficult time. 

-Mike Redick

SMCI Bicol (Legazpi City) eCampaign Team 2014

Thursday, 17 July 2014

From Pastor Mike: Thurs a.m. Legazpi

Typhoon Glenda this past Tuesday

10 a.m. Legazpi 

UPDATE directly from Pastor Mike:

The team is in good spirits and the Lord has sustained! In the wake of Typhoon Glenda we are dealing with the brutal aftermath--currently there is no electricity or water in the city. Much damage to the villages and agricultural areas. Most shops are closed and those that are open have masses of people trying to get food and water. 

We are safely settled in 2 hotels with acceptable security-one has fairly good wifi and phone signal and is on generator power. 

The local airport was open today and we were able to get on the list for the weekend flight we had originally wanted but they will fly as the weather allows. The local team sourced for food this morning as the LORD directed them they got what is needed for today. There seems to be another storm forming that is expected in a couple of days.

Please pray for:
-safety and good weather
-ability to fly and seats for the entire team
-unity and peace


From Hannah Campbell, PA Team

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